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Donetsk Railway Transport Institute

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Name of Member: Donetsk Railway Transport Institute, Ukraine
Acronym: DRTI
E-mail: :,,
Telephone: 0038 062 319 08 31
Address: Artema str. 184, 83122, Donetsk, Ukraine

The research activities od DRTI are focused on the improvement and development of new technologies in railway transport and is conducted in the following areas:

  • environmental protection and reduce of diesel engines’ emissions;
  • improvement of the efficiency of diesel operating;
  • increase of efficiency of load-lifting and commercial work on the railway;
  • development of new efficient technologies of current maintenance and repair of railway tracks;
  • application of computer technologies in automation systems and transport connection
  • automation of operational control trains’ movement systems;
  • management and marketing of transport services;
  •  economics and organization of railway transportation.

Donetsk Railway Transport Institute offers Bachelor and Specialist degrees in the following fields:

  • Organization of Traffic & Transport Operation Control (Railway
  • Rolling Stock and Special Machinery of Railway Transport;
  • Automation and Telemechanics on Transport;
  • Railway Structures and Track Facilities;
  • Enterprises Economy;
  • Accounting and Audit;
  • Management of Organizations.
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  • Rail education and training
  • Infrastructure and signalling systems
  • Environment and energy efficiency
  • Strategy and economics
  • Safety and Security


  • Dr. Ing. Michael Cheprsov, Director
  • Mr. Sergey Tsykhmistro, Project Manager.

NEAR2 (2012-2014): The NEAR2 Project aims to build a rail research network along the Trans-Eurasian land bridge and establish an efficient cooperation among the rail research centers in order to promote railway transport research and development. NEAR2 Research Network will exploit the complementary strengths of the collaborating institutions and experts to build coordinated integrated research capacity to support the railway industry at a strategic, tactical and operational level.

The Rail Research Network that will be formulated will exploit the structure and leverage the achievements of the existing European Rail Research Network of Excellence (EURNEX), along the Trans-Eurasian land bridge, engaging this way all the existing research centers in a continuous and fruitful international cooperation.