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State Scientific – Research Centre of Railway Transport of Ukraine

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Name of Member: State Scientific – Research Centre of Railway Transport of Ukraine
Acronym: DNDC UZ
Telephone: 0038(044) 465 38 10, 0038(050) 416 84 15
Address: State Scientific – Research Centre of Railway Transport of Ukraine 03038, I. Fedorova 39, Kiev, Ukraine

The main activities of DNDC UZ are to increase the efficiency and safety of operation of rolling stock. The research and operational works are carried out by the following departments:

  • Engineering Department: Experimental, operational and theoretical research of the rolling stock. Imitating modeling of dynamics. Running dynamic and strength tests. Evaluation of the impact on the track of the rolling stock using special advanced equipment. Assessment of level of comfort and safety at operation of the rolling stock.
  • Reliability Department: Diagnostics of the supporting metal designs of the rolling stock. Repair and modernization of elements of a design. Definition of causes of failures and life cycle of objects.
  • Material Science and Quality Control Department: Complex macro and micro studies of steels and alloys, of products after destruction (destructive and nondestructive metallography, chemical analysis, tensile strength testing, pendulum impact testing). Statistical analysis of the stability of enterprises performance.
  • Technical audit UZ Department: Implementation of inspection and acceptance control, assessment of quality of production of railway appointment, control of its compliance of standard documentation. Automation of processes of quality control.
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  • Railway transport
  • Railway infrastructure
  • Operation of railways
  • Railways strategy
  • Freight railways
  • Reliability
  • Laboratory diagnostics
  • Railway dynamics


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  • Wheel-rail interaction
  • Railway simulation
  • Human factor
  • Safety
  • Product qualification
  • Test
  • Rolling stock


  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Iurii Domin: Dynamics and durability of rolling stock; technique and technology of interoperable and intermodal transport; automatic gauge changeover systems.
  • Dr.-Ing. habil. Valerii Samsonkin: The reliability of a rail operator; a safety management.
  • Dr.-Ing. habil. Mykola Gorbunov: Design of rolling stock, traction, dynamic and braking quality of the locomotive, wheel and rail interaction.
  • Dr.-Ing. habil. Mykola Panasenko: Diesel-electric and electrical rolling stock.
  • PhD Rostislav Domin: Technical policy and establishment of new standards in the field of railway transport; systems of inspection and acceptance control production quality of rolling stock and infrastructure; methods and means of rolling stock testing.
  • PhD Hanna Chernyak: Research the causes of derailment of rolling stock by means of computer simulation; prediction of the vehicle motion stability; modeling interaction of rail vehicles and track.
  • PhD Sergiy Gryshchenko: Testing of rolling stock – static, dynamic, operation, control, and certification; normative technical documents.
  • PhD Alexander Goncharov: energy efficiency, fuel consumption, reliability, efficient modes of trains management , system technical service of rolling stock.

A selection of projects, activities and papers:

  • INTERGAUGE (2014): Theoretical track layouts and switching station operation technology for 1520/1435 mm track gauge change.
  • NEAR2 (2013-2014): A membership at Advisory Board of Valerii Samsonkin.
  • Industrial scientific and technical problem solution management (2014): expert evaluation of the initial tests results, required extent of testing identification and organization of diesel locomotive CHME3 validation in order to allow its operation in Ukraine after integrated modification of the locomotive upon the project of European company and with its participation.
  • POLISH ERASMUS FOR UKRAINE (2014): Improving resource wheel sets by controlling tribological characteristics of contact „wheel-rail“.
  • Domin, Iurii; Domin, Rostyslav (2013) Procedural issues acceptance of rolling stock gauge 1435/1520 mm / Prace naukowe Politechniki Warszawskiej. Transport, z. 98.
  • Domin, Iurii; Chernyak, Hanna (2013) Interaction of gauge change wheel sets and the rail track / Proceedings of 17th International Wheelset Congress. Part 1. Kiev.
  • Chernyak, Hanna (2013) Operational definition of the possible causes of the derailment of freight cars / Prace naukowe Politechniki Warszawskiej. Transport, z. 98.
  • Domin, Rostyslav; Domin, Iurii; Chernyak, Hanna; Mostovych, Anatolii; Konstantidi, Valerija; Greenday, Petro (2014). Investigation of the Dynamics and Strength of Rolling Stock on the Ukrainian Railways. ІІІ Międzynarodowa Konferencja Naukowa “Najnowsze Technologie w Transporcie Szynowym”. Warszawa.
  • Domin, Rostyslav; Mostovych, Anatolii; Kolomiiets, Oleksandr (2014). Improving the means of experimental determination of dynamic loading of the rolling stock / An International Journal on Motorization, Vehicle Operation, Energy Efficiency and Mechanical Engineering.
  • Samsonkin, Valerii; Moiseenko, Valentin (2014). Theory of rail safety, Kiev, Caravela. 248 pp. – UKR (Самсонкін В.Н., Мойсеенко В.І. Теорія безпеки на залізничному транспорті. – Київ: «Каравела», 2014. – 248 с.).
  • Samsonkin, Valerii; Martyshko, Anastasia (2015). Practical application of the identification of „bottlenecks“ in the ensure traffic safety on rail enterprises for the traffic accidents prevention. Railway transport of Ukraine, №1. P. 3-10.
  • Samsonkin, Valerii (2014). The control of a condition high-speed train’s driver on the basis of an individual features operating of the train. 3rd International conference “Advanced Rail Technologies”, Warsaw.
  • Samsonkin, Valerii (2015). Using of state individual norm of the high-speed train driver is the perspective direction of traffic safety. 9th International Scientific Conference “TRANSBALTICA 2015”, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.
  • Gorbunov, Mykola; Kravchenko, Kateryna; Domin, Rostyslav; Nogenko, Olena; Prosvirova Olga (2013). Аnalysis of the constructive features of railway brakes and methods of improving the process of their functioning. ТЕКА Commission of Motorization and Power Industry in Agriculture Vol. 13, No. 5, Poland. P. 98-102.
  • Gorbunov, Mykola; Maksym Spiryagin; Hong Hee Yoo; Kwan Soo Lee; Valentyn Spiryagin (2013). Investigation of influence of constraints with radius links on locomotive axle load distribution and wheelset steering ability. Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 27 (7) (2013) P. 1903-1913.
  • Gryshchenko, Sergei; Kalabuhin, Iurii; Falendysh, Anatoliy (2013). The efficiency of the electric locomotives 2ES10 and VL11M operation in the mountains with a glance to the cost of their life cycle / Railway Transport of Ukraine, № 5/6. P.53-59. – UKR (Грищенко С.Г., Калабухін Ю.Е., Фалендиш А.П. Ефективність використання електровозів 2ЄС10 і ВЛ11М в гірських умовах з урахуванням вартості їх життєвого циклу / Залізничний транспорт України. – № 5/6. – С.53-59.)
  • Gryshchenko, Sergei; Kalabuhin, Iurii; Falendysh, Anatoliy (2014). Locomotives. Evaluation of the life cycles of new and modernized rolling stock. Methods of calculating / Departmental normative document UZ VND (CT-0228) – K.: MIU. 2014. – 164 p. – UKR (Грищенко С.Г. Калабухін Ю.Е., Фалендиш А.П. Локомотиви. Оцінка вартості життєвих циклів нового та модернізованого рухомого складу. Методи розрахунку / Відомчий нормативний документ Укрзалізниці ВНД УЗ (ЦТ-0228) – К. : МІУ. 2014. – 164 с.)