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Name of Member: UBIMET
E-mail: info(at)
Telephone:0043 1263 11 22
Address: UBIMET Ares Tower / Donau City Straße 11, 1220 Wien, Austria

UBIMET is one of the world’s leading private weather service providers.

The partners and clients of UBIMET are provided with fully customised, highly precise and time-relevant forecasts and severe weather warnings.

UBIMET’s Research & Development team works with international research institutions to continually refine weather models, improve forecast technology and expand the extensive product suite.

Out-put of the research and development work of UBIMET are for example the weather model RACE and downscaling-algorithms which allow a resolution of down to 100 metres.

Also the resolution analysis VERA (Vienna Enhanced Resolution Analysis) was developed by UBIMET’s experts. The analysis allows the identification of weather conditions in-between weather stations, also identifying the impacts of factors such as topography.

Together with the Lightning Detections System (LDS) powered by nowcast, UBIMET is able to generate the most accurate weather forecasts and severe weather warnings world wide.

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  • Weather forecast
  • Severe weather warning
  • High-precision meteorology
  • Weather models
  • Downscaling algorithm
  • Weather app


  • Dr. Michael Fassnauer: Founder, and CEO
  • Manfred Spatzierer: Founder, CEO and Head of Meteorology

CITI-SENSE (until 2016): In the course of this project, inhabitants and decision makers of a city collect and share data on air quality, weather and health. This increases the influence of the population in important decision making processes regarding climate issues and facilitates decision-making.

Crossing Borders (until 2016): Is a follow-up of the project on an international level. This project records cross-border interoperable services, which are covered by electromobility.

WISpro WHZ: Involves generation of weather forecasts for snow, temperature and snow drifts in the course of determining the energy consumption for point heaters.

DOMUS: The aim of this project is to improve the short-term weather and air quality forecast for urban areas, taking into account orographic and urban meteorological data.