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“We want to create the future of European railways together with you.

Imagine you have two minutes to tell the world how you would you want to shape the future of railways. 

What changes do you wish for? How would you inspire more young people? What is important for you as a traveller?  

„Be part of the future of railways.” 

To enter the contest, your video should explain and illustrate your vision for the future of railways. It should refer to at least one innovation made within the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking and explain how this innovation contributes to making your future vision a reality.

These are the innovations areas: 
Passenger trains
Traffic management systems
IT services
Freight trains.

The Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking is a public-private partnership under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme from the European Union. It was created to manage and coordinate research and Innovation to deliver the most sustainable, cost-efficient, high-performing, time-driven, digital and competitive customer-centred transport mode for Europe.

To learn more – watch the videos on our YouTube-channel and have a closer look through the Catalogue of solutions.

Selection process:

Once the video is submitted via the web-based form, the video will be checked so that it follows the rules and specifications before it will be made public on the YouTube- Channel with all the contest videos. 
The contest has appointed external jury composed of experts from across Europe within 5 organisations from the railway sector. This jury will put their votes, selecting 2 favourite videos ranging them as a 1st and 2nd  looking for a creative, engaging and inspiring submission.
The video should be engaging, informative and create an emotional reaction from the viewer.
When watching the video the audience should be able to imagine this fantastic future for rail, understand what Shift2Rail is doing to contribute to it, and encourage them to want to use rail as their preferred choice for travel and freight.

The entry will be judged on:
– Relevance to the competition topic.
– Creativity expressed.
– Storyline.
– Ability to engage and captivate.




A team, with maximum four participants under 26 years from a European country (EU28), can enter the competition. The participation is free of charge and one team can only upload one video. 

The team registers on this website below with their names and submits their contribution.

Deadline 31.08.20!

The contribution can be any kind of video material. Between 60 and 120 seconds and in English. The video should illustrate, explain and visualise the view and thoughts of the creative team and also in some way mention at least one innovation made within the Shift2Rail Joint undertaking and how this can lead to the changes that they want to see in the future. 

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You will have the opportunity to tell us what you think is important 

And, You can win First prize:

22 days Continous Global Interrail Passes – 1st class Public favourite

7 days (within 1 month) Global Interrail Passes – 2nd class to your team members


Download the Press release here.