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Name of Member: Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences
Acronym: CTU FTS
Telephones: +420 224359502, +420 224359506, +420 606482119
Address: TFakulta dopravní ČVUT, Konviktská 20, CZ-11000 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Specification of the principal research and development activity:

  • Development of systems for railway traffic process control support, statistical methods of large system analysis, their decomposition and possibilities of large system dynamic behavior prediction on account of subsystem knowledge.
  • Statistical methods for transportation classification, prediction algorithms of directive relations in closed and open transportation network. Problem solving of close points in transportation network.
  • Railway traffic service network structure research, integral timing schedule creation, passenger traffic behavior analysis. Also interaction among different transportation systems, transportation entities function security and reliability.
  • Intelligent rail problems solving, traffic situation positioning within train surroundings, obstruction detection, rail position identification. Driver visual attention rising, night vision and obstacles recognition during unfavorable weather.
  • Rail driving support systems and systems for transportation systems operator warning against attention decrease.
  • Intelligent railway conception, reliability increase methods and tools in man-system interaction for transportation systems.
  • Transportation telematics conception, basic research of information platforms for telematic architecture unified functions implementation. Critical telematic application analysis, project and testing.
  • Information capacity increase methods research in control systems for railway transportation and telecommunication.
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  • Railway transport
  • Railway infrastructure
  • Operation of railways
  • Freight railways
  • Logistics


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  • Railway simulation
  • Railway signaling
  • Test of track components
  • Products certification
  • Railway control systems
  • Railway operation policy


  • Doc. Ing. Martin Leso, Ph.D.: Freight railways, railway signaling, control systems.
  • Prof. Ing. Petr Moos, CSc.: Control systems, transportation telecommunications, system engineering, operational research.
  • Ing. Tomáš Konopáč, Ph.D.: Freight railways, railway signaling, control systems.
  • Ing. Vítek Malinovský, Ph.D.: Control systems, transportation telecommunications, system engineering, operational research, transport systems analyzing, transport policy.

The research activity is carried out supported by the grant agencies GA CR and GA AS CR as well as individual ministries – Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Education (several foreign projects, such as COST, OECD GSF – Neuroinformatics), Ministry of Transportation (research and development projects). Other funding is ensured by CTU itself and several other foreign projects financed from the EU budget (PORTAL, EURNEX, APSN, EURONAT, COST, REMOVE, LEONARDO/ETNITE, CAPTIVE, ENTRANCE, AUTOFORE, INNOTRACK, CERN – ATLAS, SAFCORS, FREIGTHVISION, CETRRA, EURAIL, NEXT2). Broad international cooperation of research teams (ie. EU project INNOTRACK with SNCF, EU project EURNEX with FAV Berlin, Institutet for Transportforskning, Vienna University of Technology, International project ATLAS – CERN), contributing to work on international projects, and organizing international conferences. The faculty staff is involved in international scientific community activities in areas such as transport infrastructure, logistics, informatics engineering, mechanics of transport constructions and means, material diagnostics and biomechanics. Development of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in the Czech Republic took form of developing effective means of transportation decision making system support.

The faculty has cooperated with a number of institutions and companies, such as Czech Railways Int., SkodaAuto Int. Mlada Boleslav, SKANSKA ZS Prague Int., Transportation Research Centre, ELTODO Int., AŽD Prague Ltd., Transportation Enterprise of the Capital City Prague Int., SUDOP Int., METROPROJEKT, Ministry of Transportation and Czech and Slovak combined transport INTRANS Int.