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TEST S.c.a r.l.

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Name of Member: TEST S.c.a r.l. – Campania Region (Italy) – Regional Centre of Competence for Transportation Systems
Acronym: TEST
E-mail: crdctrasporti(at)
Telephone: 0039 081 7685123
Address: c/o University of Naples Federico II, Via Nuova Agnano, 11 – 80125 Naples , Italy

TEST S.c.a.r.l. is a consortium company with limited liability in charge of operating the Center of Competence for Transportation Systems of the Campania Region (Italy).

It promotes, spread, transfer and improve research activities service and training in the field of transport (railway system, logistics and automotive).

It carries out pre-competitive research on Security and Environment of transport systems.

It provides engineering services for the design, testing, simulation models, certification, approval of systems and components of transport.

It creates and manages data bases network traffic associated with procedures for handling data, images and traffic information.

It proposes and participate with public entities and private entrepreneurs in industry projects:

  • – spin-offs and technology transfer;
  • – realizes advanced training in the field of transportation technologies.
  • – energy and efficiency
  • – safety and security

 Test S.c.a.r.l. is participated by a group of research institutions:

  • University of Naples Federico II,
  • University of Sannio;
  • University of Naples Parthenope;
  • University of Salerno;
  • University of Naples L’Orientale;
  • Second University of Naples;
  • National Research Council with IM and IRAT.

The main challenges addressed by the Centre of Competence are the reduction of environmental pollution, transport safety, and transport systems’ efficiency.

The mission of TEST S.c.a.r.l. can be synthesized as follows:

  • To provide advanced Engineering Services for the qualification of advanced transport vehicles and transport systems;
  • To carry out Research activities and participate at reference project in the field with relevant Private and Public stakeholders;
  • To support Spin-offs and perform Technology Transfer activities;
  • To deliver High Education courses and highly-qualified Training on Transport Technologies-
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  • Chemical, Materials and Production Engineering
  • Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical and Information Technology Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mathematics and Application


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  • Architecture
  • Structures for Engineering and Architecture
  • Economics, Management and Institutions
  • Economics and Statistics
  • Physics
  • Social Sciences


  • Prof Dr.-Ing. Umberto de Martinis: President of Test
  • Prof Dr.-Ing. Nicola Mazzocca: Information Tecnology System.
  • Prof Dr.-Ing. Alfredo Testa: Macroecletronics and Electric Power Supply.
  • Prof Dr.-Ing. Antonio Piccolo Inteligent Trasportation System .
  • Prof Dr.-Ing. Santolo Meo: Electrical Drivers.
  • Prof Dr. Pietro Rostirolla: Economics & Econometrics.
  • Ing. Bianca Maria Vaglieco: Ingnition Process & Thermal Engine

SITRAM : Sistema Trasporto Tranviario Innovativo .

Digital Pattern Product Development: A Pattern Driven approach for industrial product design, simulation and manufacturing.

SICURFER : Innovative Technologies for Safety and Security of Railway traffic.

INSIST Innovazione Tecnologica nei Sistemi di Trasporto .

COST Action TU0903: Methods and tools for supporting the use, calibration and validation of traffic simulation models

VERO – Virtual Engineering for Railway and Automotive : Strumenti e metodi di ingegneria virtuale per l’innovazione nel settore automobilistico e ferroviairo .

NEMBO design and development of embedded system for rolling stock.

APPS4SAFETY Frontiers of automobile safety.

FERSAT Railway signalling system based on satellite technologies

LIMS Logistic Information Management Service

MODISTA Railway infrastrutture monitoring

HY COMPO Manufacture and design of composite and hybride composite materials for the automotive industry.

Total Amount of projects : about 42 Ml € (industries, research, learning)

More of 200 researchers

More of 1.500 scientific reports