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Acronym: TTK UAS

Telephone: +372 666 4500
Address: TTK University of Applied Scienes, Pärnu mnt. 62, 10135 Tallinn, Estonia

The Faculty of Transport comprises of three chairs: Automotive Engineering, Transport and Logistics and Railway Engineering. The graduates of the faculty may become professional mechanics in automotive companies, transport planners, logistics managers, driving school instructors and railway specialists.

TTK UAS is the only railway education institution in Estonia on higher education and adult training. All the lecturers are working in the railway sector. TTK UAS is significantly upgrading the technological base of railway education in Estonia. Railway simulation centre and laboratory will be built.

The Stadler FLIRT driver console simulator will enable the trainee to acquire the practical experience of driving a Stadler FLIRT train and to get to know the infrastructure. Also it is possible to simulate different problems and errors on the train and also malfunctions in signalling system. The training simulator is an exact replica of a real Stadler FLIRT train driver console giving the best practical experience possible without using a real train.


  • Logistics
  • transport and freight planning and analysis
  • railway transport
  • infrastructure
  • economics



  • supply chain management
  • container transport
  • railway simulation
  • training of railway drivers and staff.


  • Rita Ojala, Chair of Railway Engineering, railway infrastructure
  • Wladimir Segercrantz, Expert, railway logistics and planning
  • Enno Lend, Rector of TTK UAS, logistics and supply chain management

EDURAIL – The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 project Harmonised and Modernised Multidisciplinary Railway Education, 2015-2018

NOBANET – Nordic-Baltic network for the intenationalization of SMEs, started in 2013

Logistics Seminar – annual logistics conference organized by TTK UAS students every spring semester

7FP: B2B LOCO Baltic to Balkan Network for Logistics Competence, 2009-2011

Baltic Tangent – ERDF INTERREG IIIB programme, 2005 – 2007

Lend, Enno; Niine, Tarvo (2013) Logistics Management Versus Supply Chain Management – the Crystallization of Debate for Academic Clarity. Journal of Logistics & Sustainable Transport Vol 4 no1

Lend, Enno; Niine, Tarvo (2013) Logistics Management versus Supply Chain Management – the Crystallization of Debate for Academic and Practical Clarity. The 10th International Conference on Logistics & Sustainable Transport, 13-15 Juuni 2013 Celje, Slovenia

Lend, Enno; Segercrantz, Wladimir (2013) The Role and Development Possibilities of Free Zones (on the example of restructuring Valga Free Zones). The Proceedings of TTK University of Applied Sciences Vol 14.