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On Track Lab

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Name of Member: On Track Lab
Acronym: OTL
E-mail: ,,
Telephone: 0032 9 264 35 77
Address:Ghent University, Campus Tweekerken, Sint-Pietersplein 7, Ghent, Belgium

The On Track Lab is a multidisciplinary research centre that focuses on novel control room research for railways and other safety-critical industries.


Our research is oriented towards both the managerial and the operational level. Leveraged by an intense industry-academia cooperation, the mission of our Lab is to “Empower control room managers with control room analytics and operational intelligence”.


Our founding members from Belgium (Ghent University, Infrabel) and France (IÉSEG School of Management) reflect the international perspective of the Lab. We have also forged links with industry and academic partners from the Netherlands (ProRail) and the USA (Virginia Tech’s System Performance Lab).


  • Control room management
  • Traffic control management
  • Real-time railway data
  • Machine Learning
  • Operations Management



  • Optimization Methods
  • ‪Complex Networks
  • Applied Micro-Econometrics
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Fatigue risk estimation


  • Prof.dr. Johan Christiaens, Ghent University,(co-founder)
  • Prof.dr. Marijn Verschelde, IÉSEG School of Management, (co-founder)
  • Bart Roets, Infrabel, (co-founder)
  • Doctoral candidate Léon Sobrie, Ghent University,
  • Data Scientist-Mathematician Jasmijn De Clercq, Infrabel,
  • All members and fellows can be found at
  • SamurAI: real-time prediction of train delays and traffic controller workload
  • BALANCE: optimising workload balance in control rooms through smart work design
  • DOMINO: real-time prediction and prevention of delay propagation effects in transportation
  • STAR: socio-technical assessment of risk (collaboration with Virginia Tech)
  • EDISON: analysis of safety events and near-misses (collaboration with Virginia Tech)

A selection of projects, activities and papers: