Hardenbergstraße 12, D-10623 Berlin
+49 (30) 31997022
+49 (30) 31998533
Name of Member: Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per I Trasporti e la Logistica
Acronym: NITEL
E-mail: sciutto@nitel.it, rossella.liaci@nitel.it
Telephone: +39 0664003640
Address: Via Spalato, 11 – 00198 Rome, Italy
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  • Recent activities

NITEL is a consortium consisting of 18 prestigious Italian Universities and more than 500 researchers. NITEL also carries out high level activities in the divulgation of information and instruction to associations, institutions and industry.

  • Transport
  • Logistics
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Telecommunications
  • Systems Engineering

  • Computer science
  • Electronics
  • Space systems
  • Sensor Energy
  • Economy

  • Prof. Giuseppe Sciutto: President of Nitel
  • Ing. Antonio Saitto
  • KaBALIST: Ka Band Live Sports Transmission
  • AMINA a prototype development of a digital Receiver of ATC TMA S-band Primary Radar
  • SIMONA: Satellite assets SIMONAIntegration for Maritime situatiON Awareness
  • GIE: Study on security awareness within gas infrastructure companies and about strategies to improve it
  • ASTER: Early Warning e Early Safety
  • LORETTO TWIST: LOng Range ElectromagneTic TransmissiOn using Twisted Waves In Satellite Telecommunications
  • DSAPLAT: Dysgraphia Screening Assessment Platform
  • SIM: Development of gestural interfaces for applications in the biomedical and training fields
  • CIA: Comprehension via Intelligent Awareness

Specific Railways activities:

  • Planning and design models for Transportation Systems
  • ICT systems for Cybersecurity and Resilience
  • Smart Energy and efficiency of Rail Transportation System
  • GNSS Augmentation Systems optimised for Railway applications
    Infrastructure Energy
11. November 2015