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Name of Member: Technische Universität Berlin, Fachgebiet Schienenfahrwege und Bahnbetrieb (Chair of track and railway operation)
E-mail: info(at)railways.tu-berlin.de
Telephone: 0049(0)3031423314
Address: Technische Universität Berlin Fachgebiet Schienenfahrwege und Bahnbetrieb Sekretariat SG18, Salzufer 17-19, 10587 Berlin, Germany
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Apart of the activities on intensive railway educational programs the Fachgebiet Schienefahrwege und Bahnbetrieb (Chair of Track and Railway Operations) organizes its research activities in three fields.

  • Track: The chair has a long-standing experience in the research of track components with a comprehensively equipped track laboratory. Its tasks focus on track life cycle costs, superstructure dynamics including noise abatement and maintenance optimization.
  • Operation: The railway system with its manifold processes places high demands on operation, especially in a liberalized market. The chair’s key areas of research are staff support within these processes, resource conservation and the application of new technologies.
  • Strategy: Railway transportation is confronted with ever new challenges. It has to face changing demand behavior and new basic conditions in order to stay in business. Thus, the chair’s research also focuses on sustainable forms of offer and production in passenger and freight transport.

  • railway simulation
  • training of railway drivers and interlocking staff
  • railway signaling
  • wheel-rail interaction
  • LCC
  • railway noise
  • railway offer design
  • test of track components

  • railway transport
  • railway infrastructure
  • operation of railways
  • railways strategy
  • freight railways
  • logistics
  • economics
  • container transport
  • railway dynamics incl. aerodynamics

  • Dr.-Ing. Birgit Milius : Director of the department.
  • Dipl.-Ing. Rene Schönemann: Flow management in rail freight, process management in marshalling yards and transshipment terminals, methods to optimize multi-modal transport chains , combined transport, transport economics.
  • Dipl.-Ing. Lars Wiegelmann: Transport related market and competition analysis, product development and offer positioning in passenger and rail freight.
  • M. Sc. Johannes Friedrich: Operation of urban and suburban railway transportation, trams and other modes of public transit, railway operation rules and regulations, tariff optimization, legal issues of tariff regulations, financing and subsidy-related concerns.
  • M.Sc. Armin Emde: Optimizations vehicle and staff Rosters in Public Transport, Public Transport operations and dispatching, future trends for financing long distance rail services outside of urban areas, teaching assignment for production planning in long distance rail services, railway operations, construction of tracks and rail freight traffic.
  • M.Sc. Philipp Schneider: Railway operations, railway signaling; teaching assignment for design of railway infrastructure, planning of railway systems and signaling and control systems.

A selection of projects, activities and papers:

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