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#eurnex is in Helsinki with the management comittee for organizing the #TRA2020 @TRA_Conference

Yesterday the #skillfulproject had their 5th plenary meeting in Dublin. It's been a very fruitful meeting EURNEX is a partner of the #skillfulproject. read more here https://t.co/oFDIEBPotU

Yesterday in a very sunny Lille we had an interesting and fruitful meeting with the partners from emulradio4rail. Thank you for hosting us @univ_lille , @Ifsttar , @IK4_IKERLAN ,@eurnex , @DTUtweet , @metro_madrid , radio labs.

Eurnex is coordinator of @Ter4R project. We would like  to know your vision for the rail sector in 2050.Please lend us 10 minutes of your expert time for our Delphi Study, and we shall share with you our results and insights after the second round. https://t.co/3oYM1nuB9W

TER4RAIL 🇪🇺initiated a Delphi survey to review, support, and improve the #railway sector roadmaps considering multimodal environments and rail 🚆as the backbone of mobility in the future. To answer this 20 minute survey, please click at: https://t.co/yKQLNtrS4F

Very excited to be part of the @assets4rail project. A @shift2rail_JU granted project. The initial version of the web is online https://t.co/aRmDDJpHLA make sure to follow. #railways #shift2rail #railresearch #eurnexev

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