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University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Research group „Rail Automation and Traffic Telematics“
Acronym: FH OÖ
E-mail: Burkhard.stadlmann(at)fh-wels.at
Telephone: +43 / 50804 / 43420
Address: FH OÖ, Stelzhamerstraße 27, 4600 Wels, Austria
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Within the research area “Automation and Simulation” the research group “Rail Automation and Traffic Telematics” organizes its research activities in the fields.

  • Low cost signaling systems for regional lines and low traffic lines
  • GNSS based train location
  • Automatic train operation
  • Obstacle detection for rail application
  • Automation of shunting processes especially coupling and uncoupling of freight wagons
  • Automation of logistic processes in connection with rail transport
  • Physical internet

  • Railway automation
  • signaling
  • train control systems
  • low traffic density lines
  • automatic and autonomous train operation (ATO)
  • automation of coupling of freight wagons
  • automation of shunting
  • dynamic passenger information
  • telematics applications
  • automated logistics

  • Dipl.Ing. Dr. Burkhard Stadlmann: Head of research group
  • Stefan Dumberger BSc : Simulation for ATO.
  • -Ing.(FH) Stefan Grünberger: Train control systems for automatic train operation.
  • Thomas Penkner MSc.: Obstacle detection for automatic train operation.
  • Roman Georg Schneider MSc: Automatic train operation.
  • Ing.(FH) Rainer Widmann: Traffic telematics.
  • Christoph Zellner MSc.: Automation of coupling processes in marshalling yards
  • EntKuRo: Development of an automated handling device for the uncoupling of freight wagons (e.g. in marshaling yards)
  • autoBAHN2020: Research for autonomous driving regional trains (ATO with GoA4)
  • DITPOS: High accuracy and high reliability of GNSS based train positioning algorithms
  • SATLOC: GNSS based train control systems for low traffic density lines
  • TerminalAufSchiene: Design of a system for the checkin of air passenger luggage on long distance trains when going to the airport
  • Store&Go: Design of a fully automated luggage storage system with variable container sizes for railway stations and airports
18. Juli 2017